Event Planning Tips: Sell The Experience!

Now that you've got your event on the books, it's time to market it. Here are our top tips on selling the experience: CREATE THE ATMOSPHERE - Find the perfect location. Pay attention to details that will impact your guests like parking, line length/organization and weather if outdoors. - Decide on decor that suits the occasion, keeping it tasteful. CREATE BUZZ - Excite your patrons by announcing portions of your event leading up to the day of. This could include the entertainment lineup, menu or keynote speaker. - If this is recurring, post images, video and testimonials from the previous events to allow return guests to relive the experience and help new guests get pumped for what is in store. CAPTURE THE MOMENT - Hire a great photographer/ videographer to capture the essence of your event. This is also rich content for marketing in the future. - Promote other events that pertain to this engaged audience. Offer exclusive information or discounts. We've created an handy infographic for you to download and reference as you go through the next steps in your event planning process. Check out our other posts including "Ten Ways to Create a Memorable Event" and "Potential Event Planner Fails ... and How to Prevent Them". Comment on this post and share your best event planning tips too!  

Sell The Experience Infographic - Stub Avenue Event Planning App

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