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Sat. Feb 23 11:00 pm To: Sun. Feb 24 6:00 am

LOVE, the highest vibrational state, the purpose of our existence. On Saturday the 23rd of February 2019 we radiate with love at I LOVE REWIND. Come celebrate with us at the beautiful La Soledad Estate from 11pm until dawn. Pack your coolers, wear your shorts and shar

La Soledad Estate Maracas, St. Joseph

Boycott Cooler Fete

Thu. Feb 28 5:00 pm To: Thu. Feb 28 11:00 pm

It's the Biggest Reunion Ever!!!!!!! BOYCOTT COOLER FETE !!!!! Venue: The Spacious Jamboree Park, Valsayn North Date: Carnival Thursday February 28th 2019 Time: 5pm-11pm Music by Trinidad's Finest DJ's Just Bring Your Cooler and Come NO GLASS BO

Jamboree Park North Valsayn, Valsayn


Fri. Mar 1 8:00 am To: Fri. Mar 1 2:00 pm

SILENT MORNING D.D.I Join us once again as we culminate to the ULTIMATE carnival Friday BREAKFAST cruise experience... SILENT MORNING D.D.I. (DOWN DE ISLANDS). TWO PUMPING Cruises sailing to ONE secluded beach where patrons will be allowed to come off and partake i


Sunny Side Up Premium All Inclusive Breakfast Party

Sun. Mar 3 4:00 am To: Sun. Mar 3 11:00 am

SUNNY SIDE UP PREMIUM ALL INCLUSIVE BREAKFAST PARTY For 2019 we are catering for you our loyal patrons. We want you to be free of any inhibitions while counting down the hours to hit the road the following day. There will be two options available but the third is on

Diego Martin Central Secondary School Wendy Fitzwilliam Boulevard Diamond Vale Diego Martin


Thu. Feb 10 3:00 pm To: Thu. Feb 10 11:00 pm

Humbly asking for an financial support getting back on track   Recently after my job was terminated due to violating Company Practice. So I turn to the internet to fund startup business. Looking Forward going in business for myself to support church and family

Elks Lodge 700 NE 10st Pompano Beach Florida

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