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Recent events have seen companies forced to re-imagine themselves for either their own survival or for the greater good of humanity. Examples of alcoholic beverage manufacturer moving to hand sanitizer production or vacuum cleaner assembly lines turning to ventilator production suggest that there would have been several project managers pulled from their comfort zone to deliver projects that could not afford to fail.

For the organisation that must re-imagine itself, there will be a paradigm shift in the way work is done.  The foundation of the work will be projects: a continuum of finite initiatives that have clear goals and objectives and the concept of the projectized organization will no longer be a discussion but a reality.  This re-imagining of the "work" fully requires a management process that demands accountability and responsibility, and the brining together of teams based on the needs of the initiative.  This is the "Project Economy" where value is delivered to stakeholders through the successful completion of projects and products which deliver financial, societal and environmental value.  This destroys much of what is traditional and typical and the questions emerge:

  • - Project methodologies - which one is the best for the "work"?

  • - What about the PMO? It is a fixture, or does it too, need to evolve?

  • - What are the project management skills required? Is it a jack of all trades and a master of  none or can project leaders survive on being specialists?

  • - Are project managers moving in to the gig economy, as teams are created only for the particular "work" where it is "staffed to fit?"

  • - What does it mean for project management training?

  • - How close is the project leader to the problem solution?

  • - How does the organization transform to create its own gig economy within?

  • - IT skills for Project Management - An Asset or necessity?



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