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Summer Clique

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Clique (noun): a small close-knit group of people

As the beginning of SUMMER draws near, we invite you and your CLIQUE to come celebrate with us.

This is the event where all CLIQUES become one CLIQUE for the SUMMER

Suggested Wear: Sexy Casual

Ticket Packages:

1. Single Clueless: Male or Female allowed entry with this ticket

2. Couple Clique: Male & Female or Two Females allowed entry with this ticket

3. Female Clique: Three (3) Female patrons only allowed.

4. Five (5) patrons allowed entry with this ticket.

a. Three (3) Females and two (2) Male.

b. Four (4) Females and one (1) Male

This is a Cooler Event that will cater for limited size coolers/ tote cooler bags.

Entertainment: International DJs





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