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Sunny Side Up Premium All Inclusive Breakfast Party

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For the first time, Sunny Side Up Events will be hosting THREE PUMPING PARTIES at one event. For 2019 we are catering for you our loyal patrons. We want you to be free of any inhibitions while counting down the hours to hit the road the following day.

There will be two options available but the third is on us: 

  1. 1. Penthouse All Inclusive: Ideally located on a large deck in the event, guest can take advantage of all the Premium amenities. Sumptuous food will be catered for the duration of the entire event. Free pouring alcoholic beverages will also be dispensed to all Penthouse ticket holders.

    • ------- Single Ticket: $150 USD/$900 TTD  (Male or Female Guest) 

    • ------- Couple ticket: $267USD/ $1600TTD (Male and Female or Two  Females Guest)

  2. 2. Cooler Pumper: All ticket holders will be allowed to enter with their coolers. Cooler Pumpers will be located stage side. Guest will be able to feel the energy emanating from a host of entertainment. (Food will be on sale)

    (No Glass bottles will be allowed except Champagne).

    • ------- Single Ticket: $58 USD/ $350 TTD (Male or Female Guest)

    • ------- Couple Ticket: $100 USD/ $600TTD (Male and Female or Two Females Guest). 

      *There will be customized cooler package on sale from January 2019. When purchased your customized cooler will be in the venue for collection the day of the event.

  3.  3. For the very first time, Sunny Side Up events will introduce a FREE ROAD JAM to end Sunny Side Up 2019. Yes, that is what I said a FREE ROAD JAM. We are taking the vibes from the fete to the road of Diamond Vale. There will a music truck to follow from start to finish. So I recommend you come prepared for the ROAD!!

    Entertainment will include DJs, Guest Artiste and TWO BIG Soca Bands.

    All guests will receive FREE and SECURED PARKING on the COMPOUND. There will be no parking allowed on the surrounding streets.


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